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The Story

The Stadsplank is a cutting board, bread board or tapas board, made from a felled city tree. The tree grew along a street, in a park or in a plaza in your area. The tree has given you years of shade and clean air. While it would normally be turned into wood chips for a forest path or simply smoke from a furnace, this old tree is now given a new life, namely in the form of our cutting boards!

Each cutting board is engraved with the tree’s exact location and species name in memory of the tree that this cutting board once was. Via a QR code on the cutting board you can find more information and the exact location where the tree once stood.


Every cutting board is handmade in the city of origin. They are sawn, milled, drilled, sanded, polished, engraved, checked again and then the labels are attached. Each board must be handled by someone 8 times before it is finished.

Life Cycle

A city tree usually lives for 40 to 60 years. Some trees live to be 200 years old but they are usually in indoor gardens or parks. A city tree has suffered a lot from the hustle and bustle of city life. For example, there is often too little clean air, too much shade, sewer pipe work, damages and disturbed ground. This can be seen in its often inconsistent structure, numerous knots, and even visible pieces of iron (nails).

We want the wood for the cutting boards to be processed only by local craftsmen. Thus the wood from the different cities remains in its own city.
How many trees are actually felled in a city? In Amsterdam, for example, about 300,000 avenue and street trees are registered. Approximately 3% of these are cut down every year due to old age, redevelopment or storm damage. That is 9000 trees per year, 750 per month and 26 trees per day. For each tree that is cut down a new one is planted.

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